The Colt Series ... No Matter What Technique You Are Fishing

Dobyns Rods has built their name with quality rods that are designed for the needs of today’s bass anglers. They are a premium rod company and have several lines for just about every budget. No matter what technique you are fishing, they have a rod for you. They continue to add new rods to their lineup, including the Colt Series that retails at less than $80.

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A Missing Segment

Dobyns started off with the Champion Series ($229 and up) and Champion Extreme ($339 and up) and those are the rods that built their great reputation.

They then added the Sierra ($159 and up) and then added the Fury ($109 and up) to fill in some gaps and expand their audience.

That range covers the budget for many anglers, but last year they added the Colt Series that starts at just $79.99 and still offer the quality components and true ratings that Dobyns is known for.

“The success of our Fury Series is what really made us start looking at making this series. Our dealers and customers were asking for a good quality rod around $80,” begins Gary Dobyns, the West Coast angling legend. “With this series, we now have something for everyone regardless of their budget.”

Quality Components

Dobyns will not put his name on something that is an inferior product and even a rod at this price has his stamp of approval and features quality components.

“The weakest point of any rod is the guides and we made sure to use quality Sea Guide guides and the blank is built to last. They are Toray blanks and very solid,” he says. “Another thing about the Colt Series is that they are a true fast action, sensitive, and well balanced. When our dealers first got their hands on them they couldn’t believe how good they were for the price.”

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The Colt Series currently has eight models with another coming soon.

The series has four spinning and four casting models and is comprised of the most popular Dobyns rods across all of their lines.

Colt Spinning Rods

702 - “The 7’ medium light is a popular choice for nose-hooked drop shot baits and dart heads. Really any time you are fishing with an exposed hook,” says Dobyns.

703 - This is a 7’ medium and Dobyns says it excels for any spinning and finesse technique that does not have an exposed hook.

“It is great for shaky heads, Texas-rigged drop-shots and finesse techniques when you are targeting largemouth,” he says.

692 and 693 - The shorter 692 and 693 are 6’9” and respectively cover the same techniques as the 702 and 703.

“Some people prefer the shorter rod when they are dropping straight down on fish. It is also something that a lot of the 12, 13 and 14-year-old kids prefer in this series and all of our rods,” adds Dobyns.

Colt Casting Rods

703 – “This is a 7’, medium-heavy that can do tons of things. It is great for flukes, rattle traps, and some guys even crank with it,” he says.

704 - The 7’, heavy is a workhorse that can do it all. It is great for Texas-rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits, and ChatterBaits. “If someone had this rod and the 703, they can really cover about 90 percent of the techniques in bass fishing that are used with a baitcast rod and reel,” Dobyns adds.

705CB - Dobyns knew he needed a cranking rod in the lineup and this 7’ rod is versatile enough to fish a variety of crankbaits.

734 - “The 734 is the top-selling rod in all of our rods. With this rod you can fish buzzbaits, ChatterBaits, spooks, Carolina-Rigs and more,” says Dobyns. “It is a universal model that can do so much.”

Colt Series Panfish Special

The panfish bug has bitten Dobyns thanks to the excellent crappie fishing on Clear Lake.

“Over the past year, I have made more trips to Clear Lake with only panfish rods than I have for bass. I’m a die-hard bass angler, but the crappie fishing there is so phenomenal and it is really addicting,” he says.

One thing Dobyns realized when getting into crappie fishing is there is a huge disparity in the panfish rods are available.

“You either have the very cheap, junk rods or very high-end specialty rods. There is a need for a good quality for at a good price,” he says. “That is why we are coming out with a 6’ Panfish Special in the Colt Series.”

The rod is a 6’ spinning model that matches perfectly with a 1500 or 2000 size reel.

“The thing about crappie fishing is you are boat flipping every fish, high-sticking and doing everything that you really shouldn’t be doing with a rod. There was a need for a quality rod that will last with that much abuse,” he says.

The Colt Series fills a gap for bass anglers looking for a quality bass rod that is well under $100.

Dobyns Rods continues to build something for everyone and Dobyns hints that they will be releasing something on the opposite end of the spectrum soon, an ultra-high-end rod for anglers looking for the best they can get. Keep an eye on Dobyns Rods as they continue to add quality bass rods that fit everyone’s budget.