Comprehensive Delta Fishing Report | Early Fall Update October 14

Caught a 9lb 6oz fish yesterday down in the green pea soup of Disco Bay! She literally choked that GunPowder Wadda Jig! Big fish Jig bite continues! Photo: Andy "Cooch" Cuccia


NOTE:Reposted from Cooch's Fishing Page

To all the faithful followers, friends and family...It is with a heavier heart than you will ever know that I must let you know that Andy "Cooch" Cuccia has passed away. It was very sudden and very unexpected. I don't mean for this to seem impersonal but he had so many friends and acquaintances I did not know how else to reach you all. I write this as a way to let you all know, and more so as a way to help me wrap my head around this. Each of you had a part of his heart and you all shared his passion for the Delta and those big pigs! Keep those memories with you, always.
Keep a tight line.
Love, Jenny

He was always a big part of WesternBass, hosting the Pro-Teen, the first cover of the magazine. He will be greatly missed.

Coincidentally, WB had shown off Cooch and his nine pounder he caught this week, in today's Delta report. We hope everyone remembers him like this ... happy with the big one. 

Best wishes and prayers to the family.


70th  Annual Rio Vista Striper Festival.  Rio Vista turns to Fair Weekend as anglers from all over participate in the longest running derby in the West!

The “O” Series Launches out of Sugar Barge on Bethel Island this weekend. Lots of good anglers talking about this special fall Winter series.

Dan’s Delta  Outdoors Fall/ Winter hours now in place,Monday through Thursday 11-6 with weekend hours unchanging 6 to 6 Friday and Saturday  and 8-3 Sunday.


Isleton Fishing Report

Capt. Stan Spinners continue to  lead the charge for the trolling anglers. Wow! It’s great to here first time anglers  giving credit to our salmon set-ups! The cooler evening temps have helped the bite tremendously.  Also Cranking Bandit 200 hundred cranks smacking the Smallies

Walnut Grove Fishing Report

Solid Salmon reports in the area with temperatures return more fall like. Best area has been Courtland to Walnut grove. Bank anglers using liver’s and cut baits prevail  for those searching for Whiskerfish. The Sacramento Turning Basin is still decent here as there continues to be stripes caught there by lure tossers. Hair jigs and small shad patterns are the top choices here as well.. 

Discovery Bay Fishing Report

Keep the Reaction baits tied on as Crankbaits and Chatterbaits are scoring bass on the main runway rock walls. Bass pushing the 3 to 4 pounds mark are showing on occasion Prank Poppers and swim jigs are the best for numbers .  Plenty of juvenile stripers are in the area as well.

Franks Tract Fishing Report

Striped bass and plenty of bait building in the area. Spooks And swim baits are key for lure tossing anglers. Black Bass Anglers spinnerbaits and swim jigs also work well.  Panfish are plentiful Red Worms leading the charge, Plenty of 2 to 4 pound Catfish on various cut baits are keeping the bells a ringing.

West Delta Fishing Report

Salmon? They’re still Here in Great Numbers! Cooler water temps have exploded the salmon bite for those tossing  Mepp’s Flying C’s  spinners 20 plus a day from Humphries this week!    Honker Bay to the Broad Slough and Antioch pier persistent bait dunkers with Anchovies and Sardines are finding fun action. Anglers in search of stripers are finding the bite to be decent but still those who stick with it are getting keepers to 12 pounds on occasion from both boat and bank. Bass Bite stays solid in the Break and surrounding  cuts.

South Delta Fishing Report

Bandit 200 series and spinnerbaits are key for Bass.  Bait Anglers are catching catfish and panfish throughout the area, While cutbaits and livers are tops for the catfish, the panfish respond to worms under bobbers. Those fishing the forebay are seeing stripes on lures and bluegill.

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