For those of you that can remember, there used to be a popular TV commercial where a crowd of people at a party are talking amongst themselves when suddenly a man having a quiet conversation with another man states rather loudly: “And what do you think”? As the other man positions himself to respond, all conversation in the room stops and everyone leans in, straining to hear what this man is about to say.

The announcer’s voice-over then loudly admonishes the then-famous tag line: “When E.F. Hutton talks..people listen”.

While he may not be qualified to give advice on which stocks to buy and sell, you can best believe that Freshwater Hall of Fame inductee and industry-acknowledged “Father of Flippin’ Dee Thomas knows the intricacies of delta bass fishing, and we would all do well to listen carefully to anything he has to say about catching bass on the river.

Having won just about every professional bass fishing title there is to win – including a 1975 B.A.S.S national title on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and a ninth place Bassmaster Classic finish (1975) where he placed higher that Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and Al Linder, Dee is proud of what he has accomplished in his career and is totally satisfied with staying close to home and his beloved California delta.

I caught up with Dee on his way back from a tournament on the Delta (in which he won) and had an informative conversation with this Future Pro Tour Pro-Support staff member, who is clearly excited for the anglers participating in the Aug 13th Future Pro Tour event. He was also gracious enough to offer his expert opinions on what it would take to be successful in such a large group of competitors.

“It is important that you look for water that has some current to it”, he said frankly. Not too fast moving, mind you, but slow moving water… Sandmound Slough, Fishermen’s Cut, and Piper, are all areas working well right now”, he added.

“Definitely key on the shaded areas”, he advised. Toss Senkos and topwater poppers. The frog bite right now is an "iffy" proposition, but it could break wide-open anytime as this hot weather pattern continues to stay with us. The topwater popper style baits seem to be producing best for me right now”.

“Remember’s gonna be a big field participating this Saturday, and confidence will play a big part in your success or failure on the water”. Stay with what you know you can do, and never lose faith that you could catch a big one on any cast”, the Hall of Famer added.

We want to thank Dee for taking the time to give our anglers these valuable tips and for his continued support of the Future Pro Tour’s efforts. It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to speak directly to a “living legend”, and we are grateful to have him with us.

Don’t forget..there are still openings left for this event, and you can sign up during the pre-registration seminars at the People’s Nissan of Stockton dealership on Friday, Aug 12th from 4 to 7pm, or you can late sign at Brannon Island State Park the morning of the event Saturday, Aug 13th, from 4am to 6:30am.