Gen3 generates SonarChart™ Live maps


If you own a Lowrance HDS Gen3 fishfinder/chartplotter display, you can now use it to create your own 1 ft HD bathymetry maps with SonarChart™ Live on the Navionics Boating app. With built-in GoFree wireless connectivity, depth data is streamed from your Gen3 to your mobile device!  
SonarChart™ Live maps, which are drawn in real time on your phone or tablet, are a great tool for targeting fish-holding structure and for staying alert to changes in the seabed floor! SonarChart™ Live also offers the most efficient way to enhance SonarChart™ because sonar logs can be automatically uploaded to Navionics and you can monitor the improvements while navigating. 
Just connect your mobile wirelessly to the Gen3 and launch the Navionics Boating app! Read the HDS Gen3 instructions. 
SonarChart™ Live works with any sounder; learn more