Glide Fluke Overview | Size, Colors, Sinking or Floating

Here is a quick overview of the new IMA Glide Fluke.

Released this week, the Ima Glide Fluke is available in two sizes, a sinking and floating version, and 6 colors... 24 combinations. There is a lot to choose from Let me help to break it down for you. But before I get started.. We are absolutely open to feedback, if there is a color you would like to see, shoot me an IM or post here. Let us know. We are already working on future expansions.


The two sizes: This will be seasonal, geographical, or if you are just big fish hunting. We wanted to bring out two sizes initially to give all markets something to try. The larger size you can definitely fish slower and kicks harder with a wider track. I stress, don't be afraid to throw the larger size no matter where you live, you will catch fish the same size as the bait, as well as the small size, you will catch giants sometimes looking for a snack instead of a meal. You will need to play with what works for your area.


The sinking vs floating: Try think of this also as slow vs fast or light vs heavy or calm vs windy. This will help you read when to pick up which. Seasons will depict which version will best suit your need, as well as weather fronts and the amount of wind and the current aggressiveness of the fish. Typically the calmer it is and the more in the spring and fall, around the 60-70 degree water mark, lowlight conditions, the more I like to focus on the floating version. As the sun gets up, the wind blows, or the water gets colder, I focus on the heavier, sinking version for longer casts and to get to a deeper water column.


Initially we launched three chromes and three naturals.

The Chromes:

  • Chrome: A very popular color in the southeast and on sunny days.

The partial chromes:

  • Half Metallic Ayu: has an Olive Back, a hint of flash with a natural stomach. This is a great color in partly cloudy conditions and in the summer.
    Half Metallic Blueback: Pictures never do this color justice. The pictures always make the whole bait look more blue than what the lure really is. the blue only comes 1/3 of the way down the body has a flash of silver in the mid section and a glimmer blue on the stomach. This is an awesome color, especially in lowlight conditions and in colder water.

The Naturals: These Colors are Great in super clear water and low light conditions.

  • Ghost Blue Gizzard: This is a color I like early and late in the year and anytime around low light conditions.
  • Bluegill: This is a color has been excellent around Bluegill Spawns, and also around prespawn when they are staging. 
  • The Natural:This is a color we came up with to fill in the gaps of the others. A color when you run into gin clear water, and you need something really natural. It is great when there is very little to no wind in the warmer months.