High-Stakes Bass Fishing Tournament

Logan Parks Fishing Foundation Announces HighStakes Bass Fishing Tournament for College and High School Anglers

Logan Parks Fishing Foundation Announces High-Stakes Bass Fishing Tournament for College and High School Anglers
With the help of Abu Garcia, the LPFF is providing a high dollar fishing tournament to allow college and high school anglers an opportunity to win big

COLUMBIA, S.C.  – The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation, founded by tournament angler Logan Parks, is thrilled to announce the inaugural High School/College Chaos Tournament presented by Abu Garcia. Set to take place Wednesday, November 8th to Sunday, November 12th in Auburn, Alabama, this event is a golden opportunity for high school anglers to showcase their talent and for college teams to scout the next generation of fishing stars. This tournament, run through the Fishing Chaos App and its software, will bring together high school and college anglers for a unique, competitive fishing experience on Lake Martin. Student anglers will have the opportunity to compete for over $100,000 in cash, scholarships, and prizes.

The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation, with its mission to empower the future of competitive anglers by nurturing the talents of high school and college anglers, has designed an entirely new tournament format. Rooted from a deep commitment to giving back to the fishing community and encouraging growth within the sport, this event promises an unforgettable experience for young anglers.
The tournament format is designed to challenge and prepare young anglers for success. Each team consists of a college angler, who will serve as the boater, and a high school angler who will be the co-angler. This unique format encourages collaboration and mentorship, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. The tournament operates utilizing a catch, weigh, photo, Fishing Chaos app submission, and release format, where bass weighing at least one pound will count towards your total. A live leaderboard will track each team’s progress, visible to both participants and spectators.

The event consists of three rounds with two 15-minute breaks in between rounds:
• Round 1 (6:30 am - 10 am):
     • After Round 1, the top 75 teams advance to the SURVIVAL round while the bottom 50 advance to SUDDEN DEATH, with total weights carrying over.
• Round 2 (10:15 am - 1 pm)
     • Round 2 sees the top 15 SURVIVAL teams and the top 5 SUDDEN DEATH teams advancing to the CHAMPIONSHIP round, while others enter the CONSOLATION or LAST CHANCE rounds.
• CHAOS Round (1:15 pm - 3 pm): Teams aim to avoid elimination by racing against time and competitors.
     • In Round 3 (CHAOS), all weights reset, and teams compete within their respective brackets, with the live leaderboard disabled. After a 1 hour 45-minute shootout, anglers will return to Auburn, AL to uncover the winner.

"We're excited to bring this innovative format to the high school and college bass fishing community," said Logan Parks, Founder of the Logan Parks Fishing Foundation. "It's a unique way to truly test the skills of even the most experienced student anglers. We're confident that this tournament will be a fun addition for the sport and create some unforgettable moments on the water for the anglers."
The High School/College Chaos Tournament, presented by Abu Garcia, is all about empowering the next generation of competitive bass fishing stars. This tournament is more than just a competition; it's a platform where high school anglers can showcase their talents and aspirations to some of the top college fishing programs in the nation. This event provides a rare opportunity for high school anglers to make a name for themselves, and for college coaches, presidents, and teams to discover and recruit the next generation of fishing prodigies.
"The High School/College Chaos Tournament is not just a competition; it's a stage for young anglers to shine and for college programs to discover hidden talent," said Marc Kempter, VP Marketing Communications for Abu Garcia. "We believe in the potential of young anglers to shape the future of competitive bass fishing and are excited to be partnering with Logan Parks for this tournament. It is our hope that tournaments like this can create meaningful opportunities for these individuals, ensuring that their passion for the sport can flourish into successful careers."

Key Highlights of the High School/College Chaos Tournament:
1. Generous Payouts and Prizes: Thanks to the support of title sponsor Abu Garcia, this tournament offers massive payouts and incredible prizes that will provide a valuable boost to young anglers' education and fishing careers. This event offers a larger payout than any other high school or college fishing tournament.
2. Education and Networking: Participants will have the opportunity to attend angler training classes, campus tours, college networking events, and engage with guest speakers, enhancing both their fishing skills and education.
3. Scholarships: High school anglers have the chance to win scholarships towards their college tuition, further aligning the tournament with the foundation's commitment to education.

The tournament kicks off with official practice on November 8th - 10th, followed by Draft Day on November 11th, where college anglers will select their high school teammates. On November 12th, the action begins with a 6:00 am blast-off at a public boat launch on Lake Martin, continuing until 4:30 pm in Auburn, where the trophy presentation will take place.
"We're incredibly excited to host this tournament and create a platform for young anglers to showcase their skills," said Parks. "It's an opportunity for them to take their passion for bass fishing to new heights and a chance for the community to come together and support these rising stars."
The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation extends its gratitude to Abu Garcia and all sponsors for their support in making this event a reality. With their support, the foundation is casting a brighter future for the world of competitive bass fishing, one angler at a time.

Registration for the tournament is now open on a first come first serve basis and will be capped at 125 boats. For more information on the High School/ College Chaos Tournament, please visit https://app.fishingchaos.com/tournament/2023-lpff-hscc


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About the Logan Parks Fishing Foundation
The Logan Parks Fishing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by tournament angler Logan Parks. The foundation's mission is to empower the future of competitive bass fishing by nurturing the talents of high school and college anglers, fostering growth, supporting education, and advocating for change within existing tournament organizations. It is dedicated to promoting the sport of bass fishing among young people and investing in student anglers who are the future of the sport. The inaugural High School College Chaos Tournament creates opportunities for student anglers to better afford to advance their education and fishing careers. It provides educational and recreational opportunities for high school and college students to learn about and participate in bass fishing, while also bridging the gap between high school and college programs to smoothen the transition for student anglers. For inquiries on the LPFF or the HSCC Tournament reach out to us at loganparksfishingfoundation@gmail.com.