Jackall Lures expands

LADSON, S.C. - Known for its premium lures to target largemouth and smallmouth bass in open water, Jackall Lures expands its TN50 crankbait lineup to address the growing trend in using lipless cranks for ice fishing. Its ‘Tungsten Mouth System’ on the outside lip enables the TN50 lipless cranks to stand straight up on the bottom, allowing the bait to land nose down in a feeding position to entice walleye, perch, northern pike, and whitefish to take an interest.

“The Tungsten Mouth System makes pounding the bottom with a TN50 lipless crank super effective out on the ice,” said noted ice-angler JP DeRose who ‘ice-tested’ the new lures extensively this past winter. “Plus the new colors added specifically by Jackall for these new TN50 lures are proven to be effective.”

The 2-inch TN50 weighs in at 3/8 ounces and is offered in the same eight colors as the larger TN60 and TN70 lipless cranks – Purple Chartreuse, RT Holo Bluegill, RT Scale Minnow, RT Escape Craw, HL Black & Gold, SG Threadfin, Spawn Tiger, and Black Chartreuse. Special colors for ice anglers within the TN50 lineup only include Pink Tiger, Static Shock, Sprinkle Wagasaki, and Money.

As Shimano puts more resources and efforts into its ice-fishing tackle offerings – including the premium lineup of G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rods recently introduced, “it’s a natural progression to collaborate with Jackall designers to bring a few effective lures for ice-fishing use,” notes Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development team. “Along with these Jackall TN50 lipless cranks, ice anglers are also discovering Jackall’s Deracoup tailspin jig where its rear blade both flashes and vibrates to catch the attention of nearby fish when deep jigging under the ice.”

The new TN50 lures retail for $14.99 (USD) and are available now at tackle outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, check-in with your local shop, or visit www.jackall-lures.com.