Looking at a Ranger Bass Boat from the Other Side

A Little About Me - Ryan Tripp

Hello, my name is Ryan Tripp and I am an avid bass fisherman, Angler in the ABA, Wild West Bass Trail, and a Salesman here at Redding Yamaha Sea-Doo.  As the resident Ranger guy here I've sold a lot of these boats to fishermen just like myself, touting all the features and quality of Ranger boats.

But as a proud new owner of my own, I've really had a perspective change, I've come to realize more personally now just what a difference those features make when you are out on the water.  Just how much nicer it is to get ready, get launched, fish, tear down and go home with a good boat like a Ranger.

The New Beauty - My Ranger Z119c

I picked a Ranger 119c because like a lot of guys in my shoes fishing is a passion that is only held in check by a realistic budget.  The Ranger Z119c is an awesome value proposition that gives me the performance and features of a fiberglass boat with a powerful engine and a rock solid resale.

What I Love About My New Boat

Proven Stability
I've taken my new boat out every chance I've gotten, rain or shine and I absolutely love it. Even as the wind, waves and rain are crashing against it, this boat has proven to me that the claims of Rangers legendary Stability and Fishability are not exaggerations.
Mercury Power
I chose to rig my Ranger with a Mercury 225 Pro XS, and after coming out of the break in period I have been able to open it up and it flies! The motor performance is outstanding, with a hot foot installed the response and control are fantastic. I have a 24 pitch Mercury Fury prop installed on it am considering stepping up to the 25 pitch, but so far the speed and performance have been stellar.
I opted for a single console, and while I feel a little bad for my co anglers as we run down the lake, I quickly get over it as I survey the massive amount of deck space from the comfort of my captains chair.  Did I mention that Ranger seats are a welcome relief for the few sacred minutes you get to sit down between fishing holes during an all day tournament.
At The End of the Day

Lets face it, even the best day out fishing has to end and that is another place where this boat shines. Once again this is where easy and abundant storage comes in handy, but also the value of having a sturdy custom high quality trailer. From the collapsible tongue for storing the craft safely in a smaller garage to the dual tandem axle trailer, road armor and lightweight strong wheels. The quality of Ranger doesn't just stop at the boat, it extends to every aspect of the package, and saving 30 minutes of tear down and clean up at the end of a 8 hour day is worth every penny.

 Story and Photos Courtesy of Redding Yamaha Seadoo - http://www.rysonline.com/