Lowrance Screenshot Interpretation | Bass or Not | Scattered Rock | Bass Size

2017 Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee continues his interpretation of Lowrance Screenshots.

With so many different technologies available with Lowrance units, Lee uses everything available to him to locate and catch bass. Here, he continues to breakdown screenshots and explains what he sees in them.



This is another image from 2D sonar and shows bass, according to Lee. “When you are fishing and on the trolling motor, bass will show up yellow and as thick lines. The thinner streaks likely won't be bass.”



This image is a screenshot of a split screen and showcases Lowrance’s ability to show both under the boat and to the side at the same time. “The sonar image to the left shows what is directly under the boat and to the right you can see what is to the left and right of the boat with StructureScan. It appears to be scattered rock all over, both to the side and below the boat.”


Lee shared this image taken while using StructureScan and the StructureScan 3D transducer. “You can see the big white blobs on the drop and those are bass due to their size and how they are positioned near the bottom.”


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