New Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon

Northland Fishing Tackle’s New Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon

Bemidji, Minn. – Biochemical luminescence. That crazy catalyzing action in an earthly critter that produces its own light source. The best and simplest example is the firefly…which is actually a beetle (Coleoptera). In early summer, the male of the species self-ignites at nightfall, beaconing the familiar green glow in effort to reel in a female. And, well, the rest is history.

In the deep, dark fathoms of the sea, similarly, vampirish looking fish emit light, but in this case to attract prey. Northland Fishing Tackle® takes a page from nature’s playbook with its new Glo-Shot® Fire-Belly Spoon, an innovative lure with included light source tasked to draw in predators, gamefish – your ultimate prey.

The Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon relies on its proven exposed light-stick that beams impressively for up to 8 hours. Available in red, green and chartreuse, the replaceable and interchangeable light-sticks give you the flexibility of color choice depending on light levels and water clarity. From a scientific position, florescent green light travels the furthest underwater, making it a great choice for summoning fish from distances. In exceptionally clear water, however, it might be too bright, making chartreuse, and even more so red, better choices. Overall, red is a universal producer, and proves to be the most intense at short range. Red has a storied history of producing beneath the ice.

The body of the Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon is forged from lead-free Z-alloy (Zinc), which cuts through the water column at break wind speed, quickly getting to hot marks on your flasher. Z-alloy yields weight without bulk, too, producing speed minus the intimidating sizes of most heavy spoons.

The Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon is offered in 14 fish-catching colors inside and outside of the UV color spectrum. Speaking of UV, the specialty pigment refracts more natural light than traditional paint. The result is a lure that maintains its color deeper, in lower light, and in stained water.

The spectrum of 14 color patterns include the same colors tested year-in and year-out in the most popular waters throughout the U.S. and Canada, making the Glo-Shot® Fire-Belly Spoon an instant classic. Add the fact that anglers can purchase individual glo-sticks to mix and match colors, and you have an endlessly customizable bait to address any situation on the water.

With an MSRP of $7.99, the Glo-Shot Fire-Belly Spoon comes ready to fish with one bait, three glow-sticks and changing tool per card. Select from 14 colors and 4 sizes 1/8 (#10 hook), 3/16 (#8 hook), ¼ (#8 hook), 3/8 (#6 hook) to accommodate multiple depths and species including walleyes, pike, crappies, bass and trout.