New Kovert Tungsten Weights

Denali Gets Heavy with New Kovert Tungsten Weights


Mountain Home, AR – Denali has experienced strong growth in rod sales for the past several years and is excited to be branching out in 2020 with the launch of their new Kovert Tungsten weights. The Kovert Tungsten weights are 97% pure tungsten, which offers anglers higher sensitivity to transmit the lightest bites. The Kovert Series weights are insert free and will not fray your line, featuring a diamond polished finish to insure they are smooth with no sharp edges. Each Kovert Tungsten weight is powder coated in two popular colors, green pumpkin or black. The weights are available in three styles, including a flipping weight and two shapes of drop shot weights, a tear drop and skinny cylinder shape. The flipping weights are offered in 1/8oz to 1 1/4oz and the drop shot weights are available in 1/8oz, 1/4oz and 3/8oz.

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