Rippin Minnow yields peak performance for popular rip jigging technique

Northland® Fishing Tackle’s Rippin Minnow yields peak performance for popular rip jigging technique.

BEMIDJI, Minn.  – “Reaction strike” is a common buzz-phrase amongst educated anglers. Essentially, it means hungry or not, fish can’t resist hitting a properly presented, high velocity bait. “Rip jigging” has evolved into an effective technique for generating reaction strikes. And Northland’s innovative Rippin Minnow is perfectly conceived for the task.

The Rippin Minnow combines the trademark darting and circling of the Northland Puppet Minnow with the allure of a baitfish shaped soft plastic body.


The Rippin’ Minnow relies on a gliding jig head at the forward part of the bait that propels the entire lure in a darting motion throughout the water column. The specialized jig features a pre-rigged soft, chewy body that both acts and feels like the real thing. It’s a perfect cast and retrieve bait which also fishes well vertically for pinpoint, precision fishing when the bite requires detail and a lifelike presentation.

Each package comes with one pre-rigged bait and two additional bodies. The Rippin Minnow is available in 3/16, ¼, 5/16 and ½ ounce versions and in 12 tested colors.