SB 1 with protections for Delta species.

As our followers know, Restore the Delta has been busy supporting SB 1 with protections for Delta species. And we continue to support these goals and the full bill as it was initially written.

However, there are new complications. 

Parties with good intentions worked to add strong clean water rules, which we tend to favor as an organization. But these rules are strongly opposed by the Central Valley Flood Control Board because they will interfere with needed dredging and excavating for flood control measures. 

We also favor and argue for good flood control measures for protection of human life, climate change mitigation, and ironically water quality protection. (Flood events are not good for water quality.)

We understand that this issue needs to be worked on and resolved in the legislature over the next few days, hence, the time-out. We believe at Restore the Delta that the additional clean water rule went into the bill a bit too late for disparate interests to have time to resolve differences.