Under Spin from Gamakatsu

Tacoma, Washington - Gamakatsu® turned to Bass Pro Mike McClelland when they were designing the Under Spin Head. The veteran angler drew on his 31 years as a professional bass fisherman to help build the ultimate swimbait head, with enough added flash to force even uncooperative fish to bite.

“The great thing about the Under Spin Head is its versatility. It’s perfect for a wide variety of conditions,” explains McClelland, who has collected 35 Top 10 finishes in his three decades as a Bass Pro. “I can fish it fast or slow in open water or snake it through cover. The Gamakatsu Heavy Cover hook gives the Under Spin Head the perfect balance of power and finesse.”

McClelland wanted a way to cover ground that would turn on even neutral fish and the Under Spin delivers. The head profile is streamlined to glide through cover, with lifelike recessed eyes providing a focal point for predators that ensures they find the hook point with each strike. The bright chrome willow blade spins freely at the slowest speeds, thanks to a quality ball-bearing swivel, creating an irresistible bubble trail even at a snail’s pace.

“The key to its action is the wire link. We tweaked it until we got just the right length to keep the blade moving freely with the largest soft plastics,” explains the pro. “Fast or slow, the blades deliver a great action that triggers strikes.”

“I can go up to 18-pound flouro. I don’t have to worry about bending the hook if I have to winch fish up quickly,” says McClelland. The heavy wire and wide gap design of the 60-degree Heavy Cover hook give anglers a better hook-up ratio and retention when using bulky swimbaits. Still, the Under Spin Head will work with swimbaits as small as 3 inches so anglers can effectively match smaller forage. “The strong hook on the Under Spin Head gives you the ability to upsize your line. And with the bend of that hook, you just don’t lose fish.”

“The Spring Lock head provides easy rigging. And once it’s on there, it’s not going anywhere,” explains the winning angler. Gamakatsu’s Spring Lock holds swimbaits and other plastics gently but firmly, keeping your presentation straight on the hook. McClelland uses various swimbaits and other soft plastics with the Under Spin Head, ranging in size from 3.5 to 6 inches. “You don’t need super glue with the Under Spin Head. Just rig and fish.”

Gamakatsu’s Under Spin Head is built on a 4/0 Heavy Cover hook and is available in 1/2, 1/4, 3/16, and 3/8 ounce sizes to hit all levels of the water column. The jig head comes unpainted, letting anglers’ fish as is for a subtle presentation or paint it for a more custom look.

Under Spin Head Features:

  • 60-degree Heavy Cover hook
  • Chrome willow leaf blade
  • Quality ball-bearing swivel
  • Spring Lock for holding swim baits
  • Attention-getting, recessed eyes
  • Streamlined head profile
  • Size: 4/0 hook in sizes 3/16, ¼, 3/8, and ½ ounce
  • Color: Plain Lead
  • Qty/Pack: 1

For more information, visit www.gamakatsu.com