USA Rod Manufacturer Earns Unprecedented Honors at ICAST 2020 Online

St. Croix: Winning for Anglers

USA Rod Manufacturer Earns Unprecedented Honors at ICAST 2020 Online

PARK FALLS, Wisc.  – In an era when so many awards are handed out for simply showing up, some honors still mean something.

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades’ (ICAST) New Product Showcase Awards recognize the best new fishing products in multiple categories each year. Voted on by attending product buyers and members of the sportfishing media, these “Best of Category” awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the fishing tackle industry and are fiercely competitive.

Winning one of these prestigious awards isn’t easy. It takes good ideas and even better execution to develop a tangible product that helps anglers find more success on the water. Gimmicks are easily seen for what they are and are quickly overlooked. When a company wins one of these awards, it marks the birth of a winning product. And when a company consistently wins multiple awards each year? Well, it’s a clear indication of a company that’s built – top to bottom – to seek out, understand and serve the needs of anglers.

St. Croix Rod pulls no punches in stating and executing its angler-driven mission: create the Best Rods on Earth® that give anglers the upper hand in any angling situation. That mission was affirmed once again last week, when the 72-year-old, family-owned company headquartered in Park Falls, Wisconsin was awarded Best of Category honors in both the Freshwater Rod and Saltwater Rod categories in the ICAST 2020 Online New Product Showcase Awards. 


St. Croix’s new 7’6”, medium power, fast action LegendTM Xtreme spinning rod (XFS76MF) was voted the winner among 22 exceptional entries in the Freshwater Rod category.


St. Croix’s new 7’9”, extra-heavy power, medium-fast action Mojo Inshore casting rod (JIC79XHMF) was judged the best among ten entries in the Saltwater Rod category.

It’s a feat no other rod company has even come close to achieving… 10 total rod-category wins in the past four years, comprised of four back-to-back Saltwater Rod wins, three back-to-back Freshwater Rod wins, and three Fly Rod wins… a category St. Croix did not enter this year.

A grateful St. Croix CEO, Scott Forristall, sheds light on what these awards represent: “These awards honor and belong to every person who has a hand in designing, building, promoting and using the Best Rods on Earth® – the people who deliver the precision, care, dedication, craftsmanship and technology – through their creativity and through their own two hands – that goes into every St. Croix rod. These awards also honor our sales representatives, account managers, marketing team, pro staff, customer service representatives, our partner agencies and the members of the fishing media – all passionate anglers – who promote the brand, the products, the remarkable St. Croix story, and the simple joys of fishing. Most of all, these awards are for every angler around the globe who takes as much pride in using a St. Croix fishing rod as we feel in making them. We exist to serve their needs and are eternally grateful for their support.”

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