What Is a SonarChart Event?



The purpose of SonarChart Events are to improve the charting in order to increase sales through marketing and promoting of the event (once before the actual event & showing the results after the event (of course, logs must be processed by us first) to the general public.

Part 1 – Promote the event (typically through a club (bass club), tournament organization (Future Pro Tours), organization with a cause (team early detection & Cast for Kids), or groups (Wounded Warriors), which may include a before  shot of the lake/body of water where improvements need to be made.  There could also be safety concerns that tie in and better, more accurate charting, especially if it’s a well know issue with safety there.

Part 2 – Record and collect logs during the event.  We then need to upload logs either automatically through the app or through our site with the recorded logs on a MSD card.  Within 1-2 weeks, the logs should be processed and we can then pull the after screen shots for part 3 of the lake or body of water.

Part 3 – Market the results of the logs by showing a before and after shot of the lake/body of water.  We want this to be as hi profile as possible, but some ways to market are in local tackle shops around that tackle shop or body of water, the Facebook page of the club, group, or tournament organization, and of course Navionics can help to market as well.