10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest

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10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest

Postby WB Staff » Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:58 pm


10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest - The Jason Drane Edition!!!

For the past few years now, we have had one participant who totally dominates the pumpkin carving contest.
Each year, we have been blown away by his pumpkin creations. So we decided he needs to have his own contest to see if he can "out-carve" his previous creations.

Now we are turning it over to you, the 13 Fishing fans, to determine which prize pack this pumpkin masterpiece deserves.

Check out Jason's pumpkin masterpiece in these photos and then vote in the comments which prize pack you think he should win!

Prize Pack #1: Envy Black Gen II 7'3" Medium Heavy Casting Rod, AND a Concept Z SLD Reel, a 13 Fishing T-shirt AND a prize pack of 13 Fishing Baits!

Prize Pack #2: Just the Concept Z SLD Reel!

Prize Pack #3: A bag of candy corn that we are pretty sure has been in the break room since Halloween of 2020...
Comment below which Prize Pack you think Jason deserves to win and we will announce the results next week!
And for everyone else, there is still time to enter the traditional 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest for a chance to win another awesome prize pack of 13 Fishing gear!

See all the contest details in the #13MegaContest post pinned to the top of the 13 Fishing Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vani ... 7107998032

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Re: 10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest

Postby WB Staff » Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:58 pm

10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest - 2021
Welcome to the 13 Fishing Mega Monthly Contest!!!

This month's contest is one of our biggest, most exciting contests...So exciting in fact, it is been 10 years in the making...

We are even extending this contest run for a few extra weeks to make sure everyone has a chance to participate!

Just remember that in order to be eligible you do need to register at https://mailchi.mp/13fishing/contests. You only have to register once and it's free! You can't win if you don't register.

This Month's Mega Prize!
This month we are giving away:

- Concept Z SLD 7.5:1 Reel
- Envy Black Gen II 7'3" Medium Heavy Casting Rod
- A 13 Fishing Squirrely Dan T-shirt
- A Prize Pack of 13 Fishing Baits including the BAMF Shad and El Diablo!

The Concept Z SLD is built tough for big fish and big baits. And paired with an Envy Black Gen II Rod and some 13 Fishing swimbaits and crank baits, this combo is sure to be a beast on the water.

This Week's Contest!
It's baaaack...

It's our 10th Annual 13 Fishing Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Every year, we look forward to this contest and we are always blown away by the creativity of the pumpkins submitted!

There are three steps to this month's contest:

1. Carve your best, most creative and original pumpkin. Be sure to ask an adult if you need help using sharp objects.

2. Snap a photo of your pumpkin creation.

3. Share your pumpkin carving with us by emailing it to social@13fishing.com with your name and the title of your pumpkin masterpiece.

*** Please Note: All entries must have been created with your own hands and carved for this Halloween season! No past pumpkins...they tend to show their mold. ***

We may ask for proof that your pumpkin is your own creation and not just a Google Search result. So don't be offended if we ask for a second or third photo of your pumpkin from a different angle. It simply means that we thought your pumpkin was too awesome to have been created by mortal hands and we want to confirm that your pumpkin was made by you for this Halloween season.

As the pumpkin photos begin to roll in, we will be posting them to an album on the 13 Fishing Facebook Page.

The 13 Judges will be selecting their favorite pumpkin as the winner of this month's prize pack after the deadline has passed.

In order to give everyone enough time to enter this month's contest, we are extending the deadline!!!

***The Deadline for Entries is Sunday, October 31st, 2021, at 11:13 PM Eastern***


You have until 11:13 PM Eastern on Sunday, October 31st, 2021, to complete the monthly contest and be eligible for this month's prize.

Please remember that to be eligible for this month's prize, you must be registered at https://mailchi.mp/13fishing/contests AND you must complete the monthly contest.

It's free to register, and you only have to do it once. If you are not interested in the prize for this month, you do not have to complete the contest. Both the contest and the prize will be changing every month.

- The Team at 13 Fishing

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