2020 Ram Trucks AOY to be determined by “Sudden Death” Fish-Off – at undisclosed lake

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2020 Ram Trucks AOY to be determined by “Sudden Death” Fish-Off – at undisclosed lake

Postby AnglersPress » Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:08 pm


ELK GROVE Ca – The Future Pro Tour ‘s Hall of Fame is decorated with a storied list of incredibly talented anglers, veterans such as Shane Pierson, Austin Wilson, and Travis Huckaby – to name a few, that have made their mark and progressed on to higher levels of competition.

Travis Huckaby, a former FPT AOY and Navionic Cup Champion, applies the skills he has gained from the Tour, in higher level competition such as the Wild West Pro Bass Trail.

For there have been many times, in the 19-year history of Future Pro Tour Angler of the Year competition, that the race for this coveted award has not only been a close one, but at times, right “down to the wire”.

And for the first time in 19 years, the 2020 AOY race - for the central valley region, produced an a DEAD HEAT, undecisive conclusion between two of the valley’s best teams – 2019 Anglers of the Year Mike Beevers, and Russ Peirson, and perennial favorites Ho Hung and Mui Loung, one of the tour’s many husband-and-wife teams.

Both teams scored high with an exceptionally productive season, so neither can boast or proclaim dominance, but have to respect each other’s angling prowess.

Mui Loung/Ho Hung, Mike Beevers/Russ Peirson will "face-off" on a lake they have never fished to setttle this AOY stalemate.

So how do we plan to unlock the horns of these two talented teams and settle this 2020 Ram Trucks Angler of the Year stalemate?


The Future Pro Tour will host its first-ever “Sudden Death” Fish-Off at a lake to be selected by the Future Pro Tour’s competition committee, to determine our 2020 Ram Trucks Anglers of the Year and Navionics Cup champions!

The 2020 Navionics Cup title will also be at stake at this central valley "showdown"

Both teams will be notified of the date and location where this “Sudden Death Fish Off”, will take place, will be given a cash stipend for fuel, and with only one-day of practice, fish for 6 hours, with the winner being determined by the total weight for 5-fish.

The Ram Trucks Angler of the Year award brings with it a $200 cash award along with a $200 Navionics Cup cash award, custom trophies, jackets, and the honor of knowing that they are the best amateur bass fishing team in the west!

Results and photos from this exciting “Sudden Death Fish Off” competition will be posted on the anglerspress.com website the day after the competition.

Stay tuned!

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Re: 2020 Ram Trucks AOY to be determined by “Sudden Death” Fish-Off – at undisclosed lake

Postby Fidlplr » Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:03 pm

Why isn’t the prize for AOY a new Dodge Ram?

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