2021 Snag Proof Open FAQs

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2021 Snag Proof Open FAQs

Postby WB Staff » Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:10 pm

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Snag Proof Open:

1. There is no “official” Registration Friday night however Randy will take sign ups down below if you are at Russo’s. Registration begins Saturday at 8am. At this point because we payback cash you MUST pay in cash.

2. We do complete boat checks. You do not have to clean everything out of your boat but anything tied on that is not a Snag Proof or SCUM Frog will be cut off. The easiest way for all involved is leave your extra rods at home. In order to get you on the water as soon as possible please have all compartments, ice chest, etc open.

3. The launch order for day 1 will be by draw. Day 2 will launch in reverse order from day 1. Flights will be announced Saturday before launch and also posted on the BBT Facebook page.

4. Make sure that you check in with the check in boat prior to your flight time. When you come to the scales you will be asked your boat number and the boaters name. We don’t want any clerical errors so please know your boat number.

5. To ensure fairness we will have staff on the water both days and the leaders in both divisions will have cameras on the boats for day 2. If you witness someone cheating please report them to Randy as soon as possible. The CF number would be great and a picture would be helpful. This is a fun event and hopefully all competitors adhere to good sportsmanship.

6. Make sure you read and understand the rules for the SPO. It is your responsibility!

Thank you to all that are coming out. We are looking forward to a great event!!

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