Advice Please

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Advice Please

Postby fishmanj » Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:27 pm

Looking into buying a few swimbaits on a really limited budget. So far what I was thinking was a couple Spro BBZ's a 4" bluegill pattern and 6"trout pattern both slow sinking. Also interested in the Swaver 168. Any suggestions as to any other lower end priced baits? I will be fishing mostly a small lake that is usually very clear 10ft. visibility. Should I be getting some baits that will be worked closer to surface of get some faster sinking ones since the water is so clear and fish deeper. The bass are usually pretty difficult to catch for most of the year.

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Re: Advice Please

Postby ash » Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:23 am

Top middle bottom - that is the zone of water to cover -

On Top i have done really well with MS SLammers -yes they cost $$ but I have had the same bait for 5yrs and it flat catches fish. Not a "swim bait" but the Whopper Plopper bite should be picking up here over the course of the next month.

Middle - Man that S-Waver is hard to beat for a budget guy, but with the lack of inventory in the US on the 168's makes it a lil tough - but if you are ok with some of their off colors cool.

Line Through Bait - a line through bait like a Eagle or Jhonny C's bait is also a good one to have for a plastic bait.

Bottom Osprey Top Tallon 6" - 8" bait is a great bait - the Hud or even a jig head with a D&M Boot Tail.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about The Trash Fish but this is still a killer bait that can be fished effectively in all three zones.

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