Anthony Garcia wins ABA at Lake Perris

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Anthony Garcia wins ABA at Lake Perris

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Lake Perris was almost at full pool for the first time in many years. The weather was perfect for the spring time with the fish in all three stages of the spawn. The lake had small willow trees with buck brush that were flooded along the shoreline. The weather was hot, reaching 90 plus degrees during the day which brought out pleasure boaters and families to enjoy the lake. The water temperature was in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. Anthony Garcia wins his second ABA event in a row. Garcia being a fireman, the word is, he is on fire. Garica wins with 88.25” besting second place by 1.25”. Garcia fished isolated off shore trees in 15 to 25-feet of water with a drop-shot a 6” Aaron’s magic Robo worm. He targeted trees that he saw fish in with the use of his Garmin.

“The fish changed compared to my practice fishing days, I think the lake went up 6 feet.”

Once Garcia changed his techniques from flipping trees to drop-shot, he knew he was going to do well. Garcia would cast his worm to the tree and not move the bait.

“They wanted the action pretty still, the waves from the boaters gave the lure enough action.”

Garcia started off with a small limit but culled up to a get his win. He fished a few rock piles but didn’t see anything with his Garmin so he fished off shore trees.

“I didn’t want to fish the shore with all the other anglers covering the shore, so I fished off shore trees.”

Garica thanked his girlfriend Amanda and his family for all their support. He also thanked his sponsors IRod, Oldtown Kayaks, Dakota Lithium, Simms, Big Bass Dreams, Defiant fishing, Tackle Shack USA, Boonedoz USA and Bass Slayer Baits.

Johathan Demonet finished in second with 87.00”. Demonet fished a weightless slim Senko in off shore trees. He targeted the trees in 20-feet of water.

“Here you have to throw a slim Senko to do well in these tournaments.”

Demonet is always a threat when he shows up to any tournament he attends. He thanked his wife and family for all their support.

Kerry Peeler finished in third with 86.50”. Peeler practiced for several weeks in a row prior to the tournament. The fish would move up as the water covered the shoreline. He used a KVD caffeine shad bait in 3 to 8-feet of water to catch his fish.

“The newly flooded brush and willow trees held the bass.”

Peeler would work his caffeine shad bait over the top of the flooded structure. Peeler had located fish during practice in the trees off shore but didn’t see any on his Garmin Panoptix. He moved shallow working his caffeine shad bait targeting the small willow trees. He would see fish suspended on the tops of the newly flooded structure and was able to get those fish to react to his bait. Peeler thanked his wife for all her support and OEX shop for their support.

Top Ten:

1. Anthony Garcia 88.25”

2. Johathan Demonet 87.00”

3. Kerry Peeler 86.50”

4.Alberto Flores 86.25”

5. Shane LemMon 85.75”

6. Alex Cox 85.75”

7. Jimmy Nhieu 85.00”

8. Raymond Tak 83.50”

9. John Myers 83.00”

10. Steve Buechner 81.75”

BIg Fish:

Shane LemMon 22.00”
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