Beware of Connelly Marine in Merced, Ca.

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Beware of Connelly Marine in Merced, Ca.

Postby jaime7819 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:33 pm

Extremely disappointed with this business. I took my boat in to add a jackplate and a power pole bracket, thats it. The owner, Jay, told me that my engine shaft length was wrong and stated that he could fix it, no problems. "All we have to do is add a spacer." I trusted him and authorized the work. It was completed but I knew something wasnt right when he gave it back to me. Did some research. He was wrong. There is nothing wrong with my engine length(confirmed this with Ranger themselves), he drilled 4 holes to move spacer down lower, shaved down the control arm of my outboard all without telling me, so he could fix the supposed wrong size engine shaft length. I even specifically told him in the beginning not be drilling in my hull. When I discussed all this with him, he refused to admit he was wrong and would not put anything back. I had to take this to a real boat mechanic at C&C in Modesto to fix it. They agreed this was all wrong. He left my motor too low, out of spec, with no ability to adjust using the jack plate. It was 8" below pad and as you can see, I cant go up any further. I also cant even trim high enough to put the transom support on for trailering. His comment,"you're worrying too much about not being able to trim up."????? Pictures are worth a thousand words. Beware! He ripped me off!

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Re: Beware of Connelly Marine in Merced, Ca.

Postby Diesel Guy » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:02 pm

Thanks for the heads up. From what you said and posted, that is absurd. Just a suggestion, but take them to small claims court.

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