Boat/Motor Problem need help !!!!!!!

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Boat/Motor Problem need help !!!!!!!

Postby FishOnBoard » Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:02 pm

Please help me guys!!!!!! I have a Stratos Pro201 with a Johnson Venom V6 200HP and I recently got the boat back from the shop I took it to get it fix. Cause it would crank but wouldn't start so I brought it in and they told me it was the power packs and trigger. So I got the boat back a few days ago and I took it out on the weekend and I would try to get it to go and plane but it wouldn't it feels like I was at low rpm my gauges doesn't work so i couldn't tell whats my RPM was at, but I was at full throttle and it still wouldn't go for a long time and I would only top out at 30 MPH. I check my prop and the hub to rule it out already. The boat ran fine before it wouldn't start and brought it to the shop. Could it be Timing or could it be what they installed that wasn't running properly or is it something else please help. THANKS

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