Clear Lake Fishing Report 8/22/19

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Clear Lake Fishing Report 8/22/19

Postby On The Water Guide Service » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:51 pm


Great summer fishing is still rolling on up here at Clear Lake. The lake is still holding a decent level at 4.65 on the Rumsey gauge. The little bit higher than usual lake level is presenting great fishing opportunities for anglers on both sides of the lake. Water temps are in the mid 70's in the morning and low 80's by late afternoon. Water clarity has diminished quite a bit with the algae blooms we have been getting with the hot days. The water definitely has a green color to it but not the pea soup color we usually have this time of year.

It's all about fishing with a top water lure up here right now. The key is getting a early start and to be making that first cast before the sun is up. I have been doing well starting down south and mid lake with a Rico and targeting areas where i can see the silverside minnows flickering on the surface. Once the sun is up and shining on the water, the baitfish kind of sink down and the action slows down on the popper a bit but you can still get them to eat it by fishing the shade line on the west facing shorelines. After the top water window closes you can still continue catching them by either flipping the shade of the docks or fishing the bottom in deeper water with a variety of different lures. The jig bite continues to be good in the south end and so does the drop shot and shakey head. There is a good crankbait, Chatterbait, and spinnerbait bite going on the shallow flats with a rocky bottom on a breezy day.

The north end of the lake has great action as well with the weed lines and weed mats holding a lot of fish offshore. I have been doing quite well alternating between a hollow bodied frog, a horny toad, and a double buzz bait on the north end. I have been targeting the thicker weed mats with the hollow body frog and the more sparse weeds with the horny toad and buzzbait. The key in the north end is to put your head down and cover water and experiment with retrieval speeds until you get them dialed in. The other cool thing about the north end top water bite is that you don't have to be on the water at o' dark thirty to get bit. The bite actually gets a little better as the sun comes up and positions the fish in the weeds. The docks in the north end are holding fish pretty much all day too. Skip a weightless Texas rigged 6" Senko in the heart of the shade and wait for the tick on the fall.

All in all, pretty fun fishing up here right now. Got to love the summer action. I won't miss all the wakeboard and jet ski idiots though when summer is over. You know the guys that have the whole lake but insist on going back and forth behind you at the 5mph buoy line while your fishing. LOL just venting a little.

Good Fishing and we will see you on the water, Troy Bellah

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