Fishing Clear Lake 5/6/19

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Fishing Clear Lake 5/6/19

Postby On The Water Guide Service » Mon May 06, 2019 7:54 pm

The spawn is on up here at Clear Lake. That huge full moon we had towards the middle of April got the first few waves of fish to move up and begin the spawning process. The lake is currently at the official "full" level of 7.50 on the Rumsey gauge which gives the fish plenty of back water areas to do their thing. water temps have been in the high 60's to low 70's range. Both ends of the lake have fish in all three stages; pre spawn, spawn, and post spawn. Sight fishing has been a little challenging in the north end with the combination of slightly stained water and with afternoon algae blooms and floating pollen on top of the water. The south end of the lake has a bit better water clarity but not much better.

Fishing has been pretty good despite quite a bit of pressure from all the tournaments and recreational fisherman. There is a good flipping bite right now on the tule edges and pockets. It is hard to beat a 5" or 6" whacky or Texas rigged weightless Senko right now. Drop shotting a plastic worm has also been highly effective in the same areas. You can catch a lot of fish just fan casting in areas with a gravel or hard bottom. There is a lot of post spawn fish suspended underneath the docks especially in the south end of the lake. just remember that by the time you see them, they have already seen you long before. you can throw the kitchen sink in there and they wont touch it. The key is to make a long skip cast to the next dock ahead. Not the dock the boat is currently on.

The very beginning of the topwater bite is just starting up around certain areas of the lake recently. There has been a few frog fish caught as well as a few Whopper Plopper fish. I have noticed huge clouds of fry up in the shallows and it wont be long until those fry guarders become fry eaters and the topwater bite will get crackin'. All we need is a good week of warm weather and it will get good.

The crappie have slowed down a bit now their spawn is pretty much wrapped up. Although they were harvested at an alarming rate from the lake all spring, you can still manage to catch a few if you find the right docks where they are holding under. Talked with some folks that were catching a few catfish off the public pier at Red Bud park on cut maceral and shrimp. I did see some good size Bluegill in the north end around isolated tule patches. And finally for you bow fisherman, there are some monster carp schooled up in the shallows messing up my bass fishing. So come up and get those suckers.

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Re: Fishing Clear Lake 5/6/19

Postby birdman920 » Tue May 07, 2019 9:12 am

Way to go Troy !..... great post’ as usual “ the “bite” this year , has been phenomenal! ....

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Re: Fishing Clear Lake 5/6/19

Postby Rod Wynn » Wed May 08, 2019 6:16 am

Great read..

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