COVID Shutdown Notice | Berryessa and Melones

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COVID Shutdown Notice | Berryessa and Melones

Postby WB Staff » Thu Jan 21, 2021 5:14 pm

Berryessa has been canceled because of COVID, the Bureau of Reclamation has not gotten back to multiple organizations including Pleasure Cove. So, at this time we will be canceling the Berryessa tournament. Our Opener will be at Lake Oroville on March 20th. Before you ask why we didn’t grab another lake on February 27th, we tried to however other lakes were not available. They had already been taken by other organizations. The Northern Region adjustments have been requested to the Department of Fish and Wildlife so the changes will be posted when we get the approval.
New Melones has the same problem with the Bureau of Reclamation, ( COVID ) so April 10, has been moved to McClure on the same date April 10th.
Castaic / Canceled Feb 6th working on new date.
BBT is working hard to make 2021 a great year so we thank you for your patience.
Thank you, Randy Pringle


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