40-degree bass

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40-degree bass

Postby ttb31183 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:39 pm

Yesterday I posted about my struggles on my last trip out. 41-degree water and zero bass. Since my buddy Yah-Tsheng Moua has been catching them, I decided to ask him to go with me. What a difference between the two trips. The water actually got colder, the air was 33-degrees when we launched and snowing when we left the lake. Still, we caught some nice fish in very shallow water.

Right away I caught two nice largemouth on the Ima Flit 120. 2nd and 3rd cast of the day produced 3lb class fish. We were targeting some of the last remaining green grass on the lake, a textbook late fall approach around here.


We also landed several on jigs, but the jerkbait was the best producer. The final total was six bass and a tiger muskie, topped off by his nearly 6lb largemouth that bit a jerkbait. If you look closely at this pic, you can see some of the grass on my Lowrance and the Navionics map showed it at the end of a big flat.


The weather is looking like it is going to get worse in the next week, so this may have been the last trip of the season. Hopefully not...
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