Fears of Sewage-Infested Waters

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Fears of Sewage-Infested Waters

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Fears of Sewage-Infested Waters Spread As California Town Pleas For Help
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California winter weather forecasts are causing concern for one Sacramento County city as officials fear a sewage spillover repeat.

Californians faced an onslaught of wet weather last winter when more than 12 atmospheric rivers dumped excessive rain on the state. The heavy precipitation erased much of the state's drought and proved beneficial to the state's wildfire threat, but it had some concerning impacts on wastewater treatment plants in Isleton, California, a small city in north-central California.

In March 2023, heavy rain overflowed the city's wastewater ponds, causing 2 to 3 million gallons of wastewater to spill into the Mokelumne, San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers, WLWT reported at the time. The city's pipes were damaged during the January storms, and heavy rainfall contributed to the overflow.

The waste had already gone through its first treatment, in which solids were removed, meaning it wasn't raw sewage that flowed into the waterways.

Full Story: https://www.newsweek.com/fears-sewage-i ... ds-1837935
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