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first time for this

Postby frankc » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:44 pm

did you all hear about this one.......first time in calif history,that the court is going to let a 12 year boy choose which parent he wants to stay the judge calls up little jeffery and asked him,son do you want to stay with your mom? the boy started crying and said no.....she beats the judge looked at her and shook his then the judge asked little jeffery,son do you want to stay with your farther ? jeffery started to cry again and said no,please no,he beats me then the judge ask little jeffery ,if you don't want to stay with your mom and you don't want to stay with your dad, who do ;you want to stay with ? jeffery look at the judge and said i want to stay with the RAIDERS because they don't beat anybody........

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