Fishing Camanche 3/18/20

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Fishing Camanche 3/18/20

Postby StanL » Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:06 am

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Fishing Camanche 3/18/20

My good friend Bud Porter and I decided to do some “Social distancing” on Camanche. So we headed over to the lake. When we got there we noticed that the water had been dropping and that usually means it’s going to be challenging fishing.

We had overcast sky and the water temperature was in the high 50's and there was 6 to 10 ‘ visibility. With the conditions we knew the fish should be shallow so we started off by throwing some moving baits.

On my second cast with a shad colored crankbait I got one about 3lb. Another 30 minutes past with no more bites for me. Bud got one on a Ned style bait with a Frenzy Nail.

We decided to slowdown and fish down baits, We threw the same baits we had used at hogan .... a Senko type bait on a Frenzy Wack a Sack and Ned on a nail. We started fishing all the flats in les than 20’ of water and we ended up catching over 20 fish for the day.

By the way I’ve recently discovered a tackle store in Ione ca. Called “HOOK’D “ I was pleasantly surprised how much bass tackle they had. I hope this helps.

Good luck fishing
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