Fishing Camanche This Week January 1

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Fishing Camanche This Week January 1

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Fishing Camanche Report 1-1-2020

I want to start off by saying how challenging the fishing has been at Camanche lately. I attibute that to 297 CFS of inflow and 327 CFS of outflow. Other factors that are effecting the bite is that the surface temperature has been hanging around 55°, the lake not turning over and the water being extremely clear.

The most consistent bite has been in the 30’ to 50’ range on points and steep breaks.

The best baits have been jigs, dropshots and dartheads.

My partner Jerry and I fished the New Year’s Day tournament. We landed 12 keepers with most of them being
caught In the first 2 hours of the morning.

There were 27 teams total.

The winners were Jerry and Dan with a winning weight of 12.46 lbs. My partner Jerry and I finished second with 11.76 and Shawn and Chris took third with 11.20

I know I don’t speak for myself when I say how much we appreciate Steve Dollard for taking time to put this New Year's Day event on. It’s always a great tournament with a great bunch of guys.

With that being said I would like to share a picture of my partner Jerry and I taking second place at Camanche almost exactly 30 Years ago in January of 1990. The second picture is of Jerry and I last year fishing the same event, but unfortunately, I didn't get a photo from this year.

Thanks to my partner Jerry for all the good times.

As always I hope this helps and good luck fishing!!

Stan L.
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Re: Fishing Camanche This Week January 1

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That’s awesome!
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Re: Fishing Camanche This Week January 1

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Good job!
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Re: Fishing Camanche This Week January 1

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Nice job. Maybe next time you're there for a tourney, you can remind everyone to adhere to the 20 MPH speed limit in the narrows. It was pretty annoying to be fishing and having bass boats fly by well over 30 MPH, and 50 feet from my boat.
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