Fishing CA Delta April 5

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Fishing CA Delta April 5

Postby AKBASSFISHING » Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:44 pm

California Delta 4/5/2018
Water Temp 58-62
Visibility 1 – 3 feet
Wind 5 – 10 mph

Technical Difficulties continue to plague me haha.

Saw a front was coming into the area and had the opportunity to make it on the river. Launched at around 7:30 in
the morning from Sugar Barge.

On Tony’s second cast, he hooked into a meaty three-pounder with a Senko. All indications pointed to an epic day, but the fish had other ideas. The low light and slight breeze on the water seemed like the reaction bite was going to be phenomenal, but after two promising stops and two short strikes, it was clear that the fish DID NOT want a moving bait.

After some more forced reaction bait fishing and getting schooled by Tony and my Father, I finally switched over to a Senko. Almost immediately, bites started to come in left and right. We had a small flurry on a small stretch of tullies, but the bite shut off almost as soon as it began.

The search continued, which eventually led us into the western portion of the delta. I was shocked to see so many anglers on the water for a Thursday. After talking to a couple, they also agreed that the bite was tough.

With the tide now almost bottomed and only a few nice fish to account for, we headed back to Franks to see if we could change our luck. Just as I suspected, Franks was crawling with anglers as well. Attempting to get away from the crowds and do something a little different, we started to throw Senkos at the grasslines. To our surprise, we started to get bit. Small males at first, but then some better females. Best fish went about five-pounds on a Senko with a Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky Hook.

With the day salvaged and the wind starting to pick up, we called it a day and headed home.

My only suggestion is that “I” can’t seem to buy a reaction bite right now, and that the only thing that will get bit are Senkos. Fishing slow(er) will get you bit.
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Re: Fishing CA Delta April 5

Postby Whoopbass » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:14 am

Nice report and accurate of the conditions.
I was out Wednesday and done okay with my best fish going a bit over 6# and also losing a beast puching when she peeled line and then broke me off.
I go back out Thursday and I couldn't manage anything over 3# and there were boats all over my area. Wind was awful at times. There was also a lot of debris in the water so be careful out there.

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