Fishing CA Delta July 6

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Fishing CA Delta July 6

Postby AKBASSFISHING » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:52 am

California Delta 7/6/2018
Water Temp 72 - 74
Visibility 2 – 3 feet
Wind 9 - 15 mph

Saw clouds in the forecast for the area, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Launched the boat around 6:30 in the morning. The tide was just bottoming out with a steady western wind blowing. Conditions called for topwater.

I started on a large flat with sparse weeds. I pulled out the plopper and went to work. Covering water, I found a decent number of small fish feeding. That said, the bite was not as great as I thought. This soon changed when the tide stared to come in.

Working the same bank, the water had come up about a foot. With the rising water, the fish started feeding. Burning the plopper produces the best results. I followed this pattern for another hour with great success. I had a solid limit of three-pounders, but then the wind calmed down. With no chop on the water, the plopper bite died. I switched to a Senko paired with a Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky Hook. The fish were more than willing to cooperate. The two’s and three’s were plentiful. Again, I followed this pattern when conditions allowed.

Just as the delta always does, the wind picked back up. By this time, the cloud cover was sparse. The plopper bite was not as productive, so I switched to a crankbait. The first cast yielded as small bass, so I knew the fish were in the area. Making repeated casts down the weedline, I picked up a good number of fish up to three-pounds. Then it happened. I made a long cast and started my retrieve. About six cranks in, my rod jolted. Thinking it was a small fish, I didn’t think much of it. Then my line started to come up, and a goliath came lumbering out. I immediately ran to the back of the boat and stuck the rod in water. She attempted to come up three more times and then bolted under the boat (thankfully I have experience fighting fish around the boat from years of striper fishing haha). She had me running around the boat like a mad man. Finally, I got her next to the boat and netted her. She was a bug-eyed beast! She went 8.8 pounds.

By noon,the sun came out and the reaction bite slowed. Switching back to the Senko again produced were the reaction baits left off. By 2 in the afternoon, I called it a day. Overall, I had about 20 pounds for the best five. An epic day to say the least!


The cloud cover and warm wind made the bite epic!

Plopper in the chop and low light got chewed. Cranking outside weedlines and throwing Senkos also produced great results.

Find clean weeds with current is a must.
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