Fishing CA Delta September 12

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Fishing CA Delta September 12

Postby AKBASSFISHING » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:23 pm

California Delta 9/12/2018
Water Temp 71 -74
Visibility 1 – 5 feet
Wind 10 - 18 mph

Before getting into the report, I want to talk about some “jet skiers” we encountered. We were fishing an offshore flat, and we saw a group of around 10 jet skiers and a small cruiser coming towards us. We were obviously casting to the shoreline and even attempted to divert them away from us, but I guess that doesn’t matter, since two of them decided to cut between us and the shoreline. Not only did they blow the spot, but little did they know that they were in only about a foot of water. Its people like this, that kill or injure others. Be aware of your surroundings and be safe out there. Anyways, back to the report.

We got a late start today, put the boat in around 8 in the morning. The tide had just switched, and a good wind blew from the West. A little front had also moved into the area, providing some welcome cloud cover.

We ran to a large exposed weed flat, the wind was blowing against the current, which made our lives mush easier. Going with the wind, we cast to the outer weedline. On my second cast, my rod loaded. At first, I thought I was snagged, but then it pulled back hard. After a brief scuffle, my father netted her. She went 5.10 on the scale. We continued down the entire weedline and had decent success, but nothing like the first fish.

Seeing the tide was now in full swing, we looked for some cover. Finding some sparse tullies, my father went with a spinnerbait, and went to town on the fish. I stuck with the crankbait on the outside, while he went for the heart of the tullies. This one-two combination yielded a good number of fish, the largest going around three-pounds. We followed this pattern for the remainder of the morning.

By noon, the water had dropped substantially, so we backed off the shore. Targeting the drop, we worked the edge with Texas-rigs. Just like the other day, the fish had positioned themselves on the drop-off. We managed a good number of bass, again the biggest going around three-pounds.

By 4 in the afternoon, we called it a day. Overall, we had maybe 15-pounds at max. With the day starting so well, I couldn’t help but think the day was going to be a pig fest, but it was an overall grind to get the bigger fish.


The fish are not in the direct current, find breaks or protected pockets with some movement.

Fishing crayfish patterns was the ticket to getting bit.

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