Fishing Lake Camanche This Week Sept 6

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Fishing Lake Camanche This Week Sept 6

Postby StanL » Mon Sep 07, 2020 3:46 am

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Fishing Lake Camanche This Week Sept 6

My friend Bud and I hit the water about 6:30 in the morning. We started by running through a lot of moving baits over island tops and main lake points. We had no luck. Then we decided to head up river. We saw a lot of bait and a lot of fish suspended on vertical banks.

After trying several different techniques, the baits that worked the best for me was a Cool Baits underspin with a Keitech. Bud used a Bass Unon 3/4 oz jig with a Yamamoto Twin Tail on vertical walls.

All of our bites were just a slight tick. That’s why it was crucial to use braid with a fluoroleader. I used Gamma for both. The fish where at about 15’ over 30’ of water. The surface temp was at 80 degrees and had about 6’ of water visabilaty.

The daily reservoir water storage is 238 CFS coming in and 291 CFS going out. When there is more water going out then coming in, the fishing is always going to be challenging. We cought 7 fish for the day and Bud big fished me again!

Hope this helps. Good luck fishing.
Stan L
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