Fishing Oroville Lake 09/26/2017

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Tom Gronwall
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Fishing Oroville Lake 09/26/2017

Postby Tom Gronwall » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:07 pm

Launched at Lime Saddle about 6:40 am today, almost shocked at how far down the water went, off the lake at 10:15 am. Looks like 7 or so days left for this ramp. Kind of breezy today, but it sure didn't hurt the bite any. Bagged 34 spots this morning, all from the same 40-50 feet of shoreline where the breeze was minimal to near nothing, only calm location at Lime Saddle. Fish seemed to move in groups, a little this way, then the other way. Seemed like every other cast got a bite. Fish were ok size, most 13" plus, with about 10 fish in the 11-12" runt size, best two 15" and 14 1/2", along with a catfish and a 13 1/2" large mouth. Good example of giving a location a chance after catching a fish, like today, rather then move on down the bank. Fish were deeper, just like the bait balls, all 30-40 foot, best fish on the deeper side. Good day fishing for a change.

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