Garcia captures SCKA victory at San Vicente

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Garcia captures SCKA victory at San Vicente

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SoCal Kayak Anglers held its March event at San Vicente Lake. Fishing was good with 27 limits out of 47 anglers with a total of 222 fish caught during the event. Lake San Vicente did not disappoint the anglers with small fish but rewarded them with some nice big fish.

Gilbert Garcia was victorious with an impressive 89.75” which weighs in at around 17 pounds. Garcia’s winning bag bested second place by an impressive 3”. Garcia had an area he had picked out before the event; however, there was a bass boat sitting on his primary location.

“The bass boat was sitting on the area that I wanted to fish when I arrived.” stated Garcia, “The bass boat soon left that area, and I moved in and scoped some nice fish in the area.”

“My third cast I hooked up on to an 18” fish.” pronounced Garcia, “First fish, that sure works.”

“I scanned around and saw a rock pile with some nice fish on it.” described Garcia, “I cast over to the rock and saw a big fish follow my worm to the bottom. I felt weight on my lure and set the hook, it was a 19” fish.”

Garcia used a 4.5” Robo worm on a drop shot rig to catch his fish. Garcia broke off and used a different rod without a bite until he re-rigged the drop shot with the 4.5” worm.

“I saw a fish on a different rock pile and casted over to the fish.” voiced Garcia, “The fish ate the worm once it got to the bottom.”

After catching a few short fish, Garica changed up to a 2.8” Keitech and saw a fish on his forward-facing Garmin unit.

“I casted to a fish I saw on the Garmin unit and the bass ate it immediately but came unbutton.”

“I only had 4 fish at this point and felt I may have just blown my chances at winning this event.” declared Garcia, “After losing that fish, I saw a fish on a rock, I cast to it, and the fish ate my worm. That was my fifth fish, but it was only 15.5”. I didn’t think I had enough to win this event.”

“I was never able to cull that last fish, but it was enough to win.”

Garcia thanked SCKA for putting on a great event, “It was fun”. My sons for all their support and my girlfriend for always being there to help me with my kayak and her support with my fishing. Garcia also thanked his sponsors St. Croix rods and Simms for all their support.

Ron Kim captured second place with 86.75”. Kim used a Z-Man Zinker to catch all his fish.

“I started on the shallow side of the tree line and only caught smaller fish.” voiced Kim, “I then moved to the deeper side and caught bigger fish.”

“There was a small ditch with a shallow hump on each side that held the fish.” explained Kim, "I worked that ditch the whole day to catch my fish.”

“I was Texas rigging the Zinker to catch my fish.” said Kim, “I fished in 30 to 40-feet deep to catch my fish.”

“The key to catching the fish was to fish the end of the drop off in the ditch.” explained Kim, “I worked the bait slowly to get my bites.”

“It was loaded with the larger female bass in that ditch.” said Kim.

Kim thanked his family and daughter for all their support. “It was my daughter’s birthday, so I gave her the whole check.” Kim also thanked SCKA for putting on such a great event.

Peter Landagan finished in third with 85.75” Landagan used a 3/16-ounce ball head paired with a Keitech to catch his fish during the event.

“I was fishing the drop offs in 20-25-feet deep.” explained Landagan, “I fished two points all day long.”

“I caught an 18” fish on the first point I stopped at in the morning.” voiced Landagan, “It was nice to catch that fish first thing in the morning.”

“I would rotate the two points letting each one rest before I would return.” explained Landagan, “Both points would re-load and I would catch more fish.”

“With only 30 minutes left of the day, I caught my kicker fish.” said Landagan, “It was a 19” fish and it felt so good to catch that fish. It made the difference for my finish; it moved me from 5th to 3rd place.”

Landagan thanked his family for all their support and the SCKA volunteers that made these events happen.

Top Ten:
1. Gilbert Garcia 89.75”
2. Ron Kim 86.75”
3. ElyPeter Landagan 85.75”
4. Brandon Cabrales 84.25”
5. Christal Clark 83.00”
6. Dax Davis 82.75”
7. Chris Harris 81.25”
8. Brian Leppke 80.75”
9. Mark Christman 80.25”
10. Steve Buechner 80.00”

Big Fish:
Gilbert Garcia 19.00”
san v big fish scka.png
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