Great news from the Delta Counties!

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Great news from the Delta Counties!

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Great news from the Delta Counties! Today, the Sacramento County Superior Court halted geotechnical investigations that DWR contends are essential to, and an integral part of, the Delta Tunnel project.
Attorneys Osha Meserve, Roger Moore, and Thomas Keeling – who represent the Counties of San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Yolo, and Solano, among other agencies – explained: “This failure is of DWR’s own making. DWR’s attempt to avoid the requirements of the Delta Reform Act is yet another example of how DWR has cut corners in its rush to foist the Governor’s environmentally destructive, legally deficient, and economically untenable project upon Californians. Plainly, the Tunnel project is very far from being ready for prime time – in fact, it will likely never be ready.”
Read the press release here:
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Re: Great news from the Delta Counties!

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