high speed gear upgrade

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high speed gear upgrade

Post by Lancer »

    Hello all I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade or convert a Citica 201E to the higher gear ratio like on the E 7 Curado series?? I'm looking to get more speed out of my reels.

    Thank you for your help
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    Re: high speed gear upgrade

    Post by Champion Jon »

    Yes you can. Contact shimano and tell them what you want to do. Its easy to switch out yourself. I don't know the part numbers, but shimano does! I did this on a citica E a few years back.
    mark poulson
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    Re: high speed gear upgrade

    Post by mark poulson »

    You can post your question on TT. Those guys are all about upgrading Shimano.

    http://forums.tackletour.com/viewforum. ... 76b30e5ab8
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    Re: high speed gear upgrade

    Post by DanIsaac »

    It's not a problem as long as parts are available. The switch necessitates a new main gear, pinion gear, drag washer, and pressure Plate if you want it done correctly cost with parts runs around $45-$50. Dan
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