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PUBLIC KVC UPDATE - September 4th, 2020
Konocti Vista Casino & Resort has confirmed one of our employee has just tested positive for COVID-19, today September 4, 2020. The last series of dates the employee worked was from, 8/30/2020 to 9/2/2020. All available information and contact tracing confirm that this employee rarely comes in direct contact with the public nor did they exhibit the COVID-19 Close Contact Exposure Danger determined by the CDC, of close contact within 6 ft. for 15 minutes with no mask, with any employee or patron. The employee contacted us as soon as they received the results today and is in immediate self-quarantine. As we have said from the beginning of this pandemic, the safety of our guests, employees and community is our number one priority, which is why we are reaching out to share all the information we currently have with our community.
Konocti Vista Casino & Resort’s facilities staff is immediately deep cleaning any areas that the employee might have been with our new Magnum Electrostatic Sprayer, which kills infectious particles including all strands of COVID-19. Additionally, we are collecting all available information and following additional contact tracing procedures to confirm where the employee contracted COVID-19. At this time, it is believed the employee was exposed outside of the county. We have not heard of any contact tracing that leads back to Konocti Vista Casino, but in the event that changes, we will be the first to let the public know.
At this time, we remain open and will continue our rigorous deep cleaning of the property and continue to be very stringent with our safety protocols and guideline that were set in place by the CA government, CDC, CDPH, and OSHA, both with our employees and guests.
While people should not be ashamed by contracting this virus as it is a worldwide pandemic and everyone is at risk, we take these recent cases very seriously and want to assure the public, that we will continue our transparency with our community by sharing the latest information and will continue to update the public as we learn more. Stay Safe.
Konocti Vista Casino & Resort Management

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