Leppke wins SCKA at EL Capitan

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Leppke wins SCKA at EL Capitan

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El Capitan water level was dropping due to the pressure on the dam. Authorities are worried that the dam can’t hold the pressure of the water so they are dropping the water level to lesson the pressure. The weather was warm ranging from 60 to 70 and the water temperature was 64 to 67 degrees. After a beautiful day on the water, Brian Leppke wins with 82.50”. Leppke started off the day on a point with his Garmin Live scope but noticed the fish would just follow his lure and not commit. He knew from the reactions of the bass that he didn’t want to chase those fish.

“The lake was dropping which caused the fish to be in a funk.”

He made an adjustment by deciding to run the bank with an Evergreen CR6 crankbait in the ayu color.

“I turned off my electronics and just went fishing, said Leppke. “The fish were definitely not on rock but they were biting in the flooded bank grass.”

The grass (not aquatic) was where Leppke caught all his fish. Every time Leppke would come across the grass he would get bit. Leppke caught a total of 8 to 10 fish during the tournament hours.

Leppke had all his fish by 10 AM but found a biting window around 2 PM where he caught two 15” bass. Leppke thanked Performance Tackle and his wife for all her support.

Darryl Bagaoisan finished in second with 79.75”. Bagaoisan caught all his fish on a drop-shot rig with a Robo worm and a Texas rigged Senko in 5 to 10 feet of water. Wood was the key to his success.

“I caught all my fish on timber.”

Bagaoisan thanked Old Town Canoes, Spear Point hooks, his uncles and SoCal Kayak Anglers for hosting the event.

Steve Buechner finished in third with 78.00”. Buechner grinded it out with a drop-shot, fluke and a Senko. He covered a ton of water to catch his fish.

“I noticed that the lake had dropped 6 feet during the last week.”

Buechner had a total of 8 bites all day long. On his drop shot rig, he was using a Robo worm in the Margrita color in 15 feet of water. The Senko was Texas rigged and the fluke was rigged weedless. Buechner would toss his fluke to fish guarding fry. The Senko and fluke accounted from most of his fish in 6 to 8 feet of water. Buechner thanked his wife and family for all their support. Also, He thanked Hobie, Fastlane Kayaks and Heck Electric & Solar.

Top Ten:

1. Brian Leppke 82.50”

2. Darryl Bagaoisan 79.75”

3. Steve Buechner 78.00”

4. ElyPeter Landagan 77.75”

5. Chris Harris 77.50”

6. Jeannette Graunke 77.25”

7. Mike Stames 77.00”

8. Ryan Ramirez 77.00”

9. Henry Cole 77.00”

10. Joe Ma 75.25”

BIg Fish:

Justin Maupin 19.50”
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