Letter Calls on EPA for Better Labeling of E15 Gasoline

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Letter Calls on EPA for Better Labeling of E15 Gasoline

Postby WB Staff » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:28 am

Letter Calls on EPA for Better Labeling of E15 Gasoline
Letter Calls on EPA for Better Labeling of E15 Gasoline.png

Last week, Representative Austin Scott (R-8-GA) and Representative Lois Frankel (D-21-FL) sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), urging the agency to include robust consumer education and more effective labeling as part of the EPA’s upcoming rulemaking aimed at expanding the sale of E15. NMMA worked closely with both offices earlier this year to draft and introduce the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2018 (H.R. 5855) – which would enhance current safeguards to protect consumers from misfuelling with E15.

According to the letter, “Most consumers are unaware that fuel with ethanol blends exceeding 10 percent are prohibited for use in smaller engines – like those in boats, generators, lawnmowers, and motorcycles – and can destroy these types of engines. The proposed rule will significantly increase the risk of mis-fueling as more E15 fuel floods the market at a time of year when small engine use is at a peak, ultimately harming the millions of consumers who depend on a stable, safe fuel supply.”

The letter continues, “It is imperative that EPA capitalize on the opportunity provided by this rulemaking to fix its currently inadequate E15 labeling by including enhanced education measures and new labeling standards in any effort to expand the sale of E15.”

The full letter is available here: http://nmma.net/assets/cabinets/Cabinet ... %20Frankel).pdf.

NMMA will continue to engage with Congress and the EPA as the rulemaking is developed. For more information, please contact NMMA senior vice president of government relation and legal affairs, Nicole Vasilaros at nvasilaros@nmma.org or NMMA director of federal affairs, Lance West at lwest@nmma.org.

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