Myers Lands Double Digit - FTD Feb. 2021 Tourney

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Myers Lands Double Digit - FTD Feb. 2021 Tourney

Postby MKA » Fri Mar 05, 2021 8:34 pm

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Veteran tournament bass boat angler and now tournament kayak angler fishing his 3rd season on the kayak trail landed a double digit largemouth during the From the Depths (FTD) February 2021 month long tournament. John reported he had been concentrating his efforts on the Motherlode lakes and had a good feeling about New Melones Reservoir producing a big fish. On February, 19th. his gut feeling came to fruition.

“After spending most of the morning throwing big baits without any results I decided to switch it up just to get a tug on my line. I was on a main lake point in 35 feet of water fishing a Ned rig and caught several small spotted bass and a few largemouth. I decided to position my boat to cast into the deeper water. I cast it out, let it hit bottom and felt a slight tick. Then the fight was on. The fish jumped three times clearing the water by 2’ the first two times. The fish then swam under the boat opposite side of my rod and jumped the last time on the opposite side of the boat as I stuck my rod deep into the water. I felt my line rub my rudder as the fish moved back around to the side of the boat. She moved upwards and towards the boat. Slowly I guided the net under her and she was caught. A fight I will never forget! She weighed 10.82lbs and measured 24.50 inches. I am the luckiest guy to have landed that fish. And yes the lure fell out of the fish mouth once she was in the net. Hahahahaha life is good!!”, said Myers.

Myers ultimately ended up finishing in 3rd place out of 44 anglers and captured the big fish award. The following day Myers fished the Yak-A-Bass tournament and ended up capturing a top ten finish. That was a weekend he won’t soon forget.

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