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Post by Zodiak »

Hello I’m Zack, I’m new. Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any input for me. So I recently became a “vessel” owner (I’m on the water now..). Anyways, my question is: I’ve recently been fishing the mukulmne river, in the end, basically the delta loop, B and W resort are etc. So the area I’ve been fishing is right out front from the riverboat restaurant-which burned down btw, sad. So, this area has tullies, rip rap, good clear current moving water. Hyacinth, more tulies, shallow grass, different kinds of grass, drop offs…So where do I start and what lure do I use?
Eric c
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by Eric c »

Hey I realize your have a boat. But sometimes hiring a guide will eliminate all those unanswered questions. I have great rates and can get you to the next level. Message me if your interested and congratulations on the boat!
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by Jeff C. »

Zach, check your mailbox. I sent you a PM.
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by monte300 »

The main thing is keep fishing and don’t give up. Very few people show up at the Delta and whack them from day one. Everywhere looks good, which makes things more difficult. Think about which direction the tide is going and adjust your approach. For instance if you like to crank target the higher tides when there’s a couple feet of water above the mass of weeds. If you have a low tide fish the edge of the weed lines. If you prefer other techniques try to plan to be on certain spots when the tide is at a certain height. Obviously, there’s much more to fishing the Delta than I just described. The main thing is try to stay positive and fish a technique you have confidence in.
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by Pat »

Eric makes a good point. I believe there a couple times when it makes sense to hire a guide. One is when you are travelling and have limited time to fish, and two when you you have a new body of water that you want to learn about. As indicated by the others, the Delta is a complex fishery. Hiring a guide can really save you time, gas and frustration. It would give you a head start that you can build on. Make sure you tell your guide what you want to get out of the trip. Learning versus just putting fish in the boat. To save on the cost, maybe get a buddy to go with you. Good luck and congrats on the boat!
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by WRB »

Vessel as in Kayak or Bass Boat?
The Delta is a tidal river system and very complex to learn and agree to hiring a guide.
You have the main river that meanders with lots of blind areas plus sloughs, be very careful with eye open and ears listening for crazy boaters....be safe!
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by WCBasser »

Zack - I also sent you a PM.

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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by ash »

There is a lot of good fishing along that stretch of water. The challenge of the river is that it is always changing and the fish may be hot on one section and cold in the same area a week later. Key baits are going to be a heavy flip beaver style bait, a chatterbait, red square bill, Senko, and Frog \ buzzbait.

When the water is high fish tighter to the bank, when it starts to pull down fish the outside grass clumps with the senko and flip bait. Lots of good videos on techniques in the delta. If you learn that stretch between B&W and Tower Park, along with Hog and Sycamore you will be able to start dissecting other areas of the river fairly well.

Key Colors seems to be Black and Red, Junebug, Greenpumpkin, Sprayed grass, Orange and Green.

Good Luck!
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Re: Overwhelmed

Post by george »

This time of year can be very good and fall can be even better!
Early morning Whopper Plopper, Spook, Popper\Pop R\Splash.
Sun Up Buzz Bait in black/red and and Chartrues/White and Spinner Bait in Craw and or Shad colors, Crank baits in craw or BlueGil colors or Clown.
Senkos in Black/Blue, Black/Red, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin/Purple flake!
Dont hesitate pegging a Texas Rig Senko with 1/8th to 3/16 bullet weight!

Fish current breaks and eddies, every point and stand alone tully clumps and hit them from several different angles, Fish every pipe with water flow coming out and every piece of wood.

Guides; Vince Borges Outdoors, Christian Ostrander, Mark Lesagne; They all know how to find fish and will teach you the same as the delta is a lot like deer hunting and the bass will pattern according to depth/current/temp!

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