Pathan Yangthamada captures another win at the California Delta with Yab Gamblers Series

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Pathan Yangthamada captures another win at the California Delta with Yab Gamblers Series

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The California Delta Champion strikes once again with another big win. Pathan Yangthamada AKA Pua Yang captures the win with the Yab Gambler Series with a two-day total of 177.00” The Gamblers series is a 30 day off limit tournament that runs for two consecutive days. With an open launch within the boundary lines an angler could launch at one of many different launch sites within the hundreds of miles of the Delta River waterways. At the end of day one, Yang found himself in second place with 83.75” almost 3” behind first place. However, on day two, Yang posted the best limit at 93.25” taking the lead and winning another Delta event.

“I had a pre-game plan to fish the Norther end of the Delta hoping that the North end would not be sprayed for weeds.” voiced Yang, “The South end of the Delta had too much water coming into the system.”

“I had three key areas that I wanted to fish during the event.” declared Yang, “They were all close to each other on the North end.”

“I started off with a buzz bait without any luck, so I quickly changed to a chatter bait to fill my limit.” spoken Yang, “The three chatter baits I was using was the Spring Craw, Golden Shinner, and the Hite’s Hot Craw.” ... mer/130330

“It seemed like that the fish wanted the gold blade more this weekend.” expressed Yang, “I had a limit by the time the tide had bottomed out which was around 7:30 AM.”

“Once the tide bottomed out, I switched to a punch bait.” stated Yang, “I had two primary baits that I was using, a big TRD in Green Pumpkin by Z-man and a Reaction Innovation Double wide Beaver 5.2 in Black and Blue.” ... -trd/49388 ... aver/91994

“I flipped and punched the rest of the day at every patch of grass I came across.” declared Yang, “I caught so many small fish that hammered my flipping rig.”

“I basically did the same thing both days of the tournament.” conveyed Yang, “I hit all my good stuff but never got a good bite on day one.”

“Day two, I was pondering which area to launch, so I started off at the same launch as day one and caught a limit by 7:30 AM; however, I ended up packing it up and headed to my secondary area.”

“I wasn’t getting any big bites at my first location, so I launched at my secondary location.” proclaimed Yang, “I found really quickly that the secondary location was not happening, so I packed up and launched back at my starting primary location.”

“I flipped and punched the rest of day two and found a magical patch of grass that held my big fish of the event.” announced Yang, “I felt the fish bite and couldn’t get the fish out of the grass, so I had to go in after her. This fish was the fish that made the difference for my win.”

“The bite was a little different, I had to let the bait sit on the bottom to get my bites.” publicized Yang, “This seemed to get more and the better bites.”

“Each morning, I would start of the rock bank to get my limits and then in the afternoon, I would fish a large grass flat with the punch and flipping rig.”

Yang thanked his wife and family for all their support, I would not be able to fish without their help. A big shout out to my boys at the Community Hole Max Lee and Joshep Tax, I always look forward to chatting with them on the podcast, James Snyder for hosting these events, all these events are fun, and the awesome fishing judge around Bill Bukowatz for spending his weekend judging fish.

Ariel Salazar is the runner up with a two-day total of 168.00” Salazar’s day one was 86.50” which put him in first place at the end of the day. On day two, Salazar’s total was 81.50” which was good enough for 3rd place. Salazar had one idea, it was to throw a buzz bait for five bites each day and hope that would be enough to win the event.

“I went into this event and gamble to get five bites or nothing.” expressed Salazar, “I found that early in the morning during the outgoing tide the bigger fish wanted the single buzz bait with a white toad as a trailer.” ... d-buzzbait ... toad/48619

“I was keying in on the tulle points and isolated grass clumps.” indicated Salazar, “I fished high percentage areas.”

“I used a spinnerbait too when I came across tulle pockets and would pitch the spinnerbait inside, also, if I fish missed my buzz bait, I followed up with the spinnerbait or a Senko.” ... ait/154879 ... enko/51572

“I launched in the Stockton area and focused on the dirtier water.” conveyed Salazar, “I was familiar with the area, so I had confidence in the area.”

“Before the event, I was going to mainly focus on the Whopper Plopper but on second or third cast, I bird nested my reel and my bait flew into a tree, it was a sign.” specified Salazar, “I tied on a buzz bait and immediately caught my first fish an 18”.” ... 130/127526

“I caught several nice fish before the tide bottomed out.” expressed Salazar, “I did follow up on the fish that missed the buzz bait with a 6” wacky rigged Senko.” ... refill-kit ... neko-hooks ... enko/51582

“At the end of day one, I was able to catch one more key fish.”

“On day two, I started in the area where I had caught most of my fish on day one.” stipulated Salazar, “The fish did move some compared to where I had caught them on day one, they were farther down the bank compared to day one.”

“First thing in the morning, I caught two 14” fish and then an hour later I caught a 19” fish.” provided Salazar, “Once I caught the 19” fish, I thought that it was going to be a great day, but the fish just got smaller.”

“The key was tulle islands and their points.” provided Salazar, “It seemed that the isolated tulle clumps had a fish inside, so I keyed on those two structures to get my limits each day.”

“Once the tide was out, the bite died both days, but once the tide came in about halfway the bite really turned on both days.”

Salazar thanked his wife for all her support and my family and friends for being so supportive.

Sean Beach placed third with a two-day total of 164.00” Beach launched South and used many different techniques to junk fish to catch his limits. Beach was the most consistent with 82.00” both days.

“I would start off both days using topwater a walking bait and a Berkey Choppo. I also used a chatter bait along a rock wall.” pronounced Beach, “I would then move to the docks and fished them the rest of the day.” ... oppo/98323 ... mmer/93558 ... ook/104223

“My best fish both days was caught on a drop shot Robo worm.” voiced Beach, “I probably caught 60 to 70 fish and only 14 fish over 14”.” ... worm/92482

“I caught bed fish both days too.” spoke Beach, “I had found that the fish were in all three phases of the spawn.”

“I caught fish on the 6” Senko and the frog on day one that helped my limit.” stated Beach, “The fish all came in different depths roughly 2 to 10-feet of water.” ... enko/51592

“The fish were keying in on the ambush areas around the docks.” articulated Beach, “I covered water and fished what was in front of me with the best lure choice to get bites.”

“On day two, I caught an 18” on a chatter bait and never got another bite on the chatter bait for the next two hours.” expressed Beach, “I had found some bed fish on day one and returned to them on day two. I was able to catch a couple of them, but the biggest fish got me tangled up in a cable and came unbuttoned, it would have helped my limit by 4”.”

“I would keep changing up lures throughout the day to effectively fish what was in front of me.” declared Beach, “I ended up catching a few nice fish later in the day on a chatter bait.”

“I fished miles of docks to get my limits.” affirmed Beach, “I had some key areas that held more fish compared to other areas, so I fished those areas both days.”

Beach thanked his dad for all his support with his fishing, love you dad!

Top Ten:
1.Pathan Yangthamada 177.00”
2. Ariel Salazar 168.00”
3. Sean Beach 164.00”
4. Sean Case 159.75”
5. Greg Blanchard 137.25”
6. Yenhoua Yang 136.25”
7. Abel Patino 129.75”
8. Michael Guiley 128.75”
9. John Myers 127.25”
10. Bam Miller 93.75”

Big Fish
Jarrod Herndon 21.50”
delta gamblers big fish.png
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