What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

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What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by Basslab »

Last time on the water, my "Hold It" container that straps to the seat pedestal finally gave up and blew off so decided to stop by the Sportsman's Warehouse in Rocklin. As I drove up I didn't see too many vehicles in the lot and getting to the door there was a sign stating they have no hunting or fishing licenses due to change in ownership but will have them soon. Couldn't find what I was looking for and finally found a sales clerk who assured me they carried them but also couldn't find them and said they were out of stock so I never made my way over to the fishing lures section. Upon leaving another customer commented to me that they better start getting some inventory or no one will be coming back. In the parking lot a fella asked if they have any inventory and said that he heard the store was purchased by a Canadian who obviously doesn't know about our bass fishing needs. Haven't been in the store for some time and just wondering if anyone knows what is going on as I always found they had a pretty good inventory and prices were competitive. Anyone?
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by big_limits »

I believed the y filed bankruptcy and are "restructuring". They have closed numerous stores. They opened one in Visalia and with in a few months they closed it. They are always out of everything one needs and dont plan on it getting better anytime soon.
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by Bill K »

In talking with some of the guys at the Reno, Sportsman Warehouse, they said they have filed Chapter 11, but were working through it and would keep the store going. They are low on supplys, especially ammo and reload stuff, but the fish side is still supplied. Some stuff for the rivers and heavy stuff, I do not use, but I can find most things I like. I do hope they remain in Reno, as I like their store better than the Cabela's and even the newer Sheeles in Sparks. Maybe the Rocklin store is in the same shape. Bill K :)
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by rich mendoza »

check their web site. it has letter about whats going on.
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by texas john »

I talk with the guys in the fishing section at the Sportsmans in Rocklin and they told me the company was bought by a new firm out of Canada and that things were slowly gettting back to normal. I was in a month or so ago and they had some pretty bare shelves, two weeks ago back in, and they had more. Line was back in stock and they actually had some other things they had been out of. All in all I hope they are getting there stuff together!!
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by Larry Hemphill »

I was in that store once and while it was nice - it just didn't hit me. Maybe because the "help" didn't know much about bass fishing. I thought much of the stock was good in other parts of the store, but not the bass section.
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by BassManDan »

I was in there Tuesday (Rocklin store) and it is looking pretty thin. Even back in January, they were certainly low on stock (Don't think they've gotten any Reaction Innovations stuff for close to a year), and there is definitely alot of pegs that have one bait on them and there are 4 pegs with the same color bait.

Also not even the same employees as I saw last Summer and Winter, so I'm guessing they had to let some poeple go.
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by Jerkbait0071 »

Actually I have a pretty good insight on what's taken place with this company. A girl I dated works for their corp office says that the Rocklin location is next on the hit list to close. The company filed for BK and is closing more than half of their locations. For all of us that live in the Roseville, Rocklin better get use to going back to fisherman's Warehouse for the outstanding customer service that we receive there lmao! I predict August as a close date for that location. I personally hate to see it happen cause they were just starting to get a pretty good selection of swimbaits in stock. I personally think that one of the problems that company had was their overstock of ridiculous items that did not move. Overstock can sometimes kill a company faster than we think.
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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by leachman90 »

UFA bought the 15 stores that were closest to the Canada border.We will be changing are name from Sportsmans Warehouse to Whole Sports and Outfitters. And we will have a on-line web site where you can buy.I will leave the link.NOW this is only the 15 warehouses that UFA had bought a couple months ago. As for Sportsmans Warehouse, we were old that by selling the 15 other warehouses they should'nt have to file bankrupsy.Well we know what happened after that.

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Re: What' Up With Sportsman's Warehouse?

Post by branuss04 »

BassManDan wrote:Also not even the same employees as I saw last Summer and Winter, so I'm guessing they had to let some poeple go.

As long as the hot Latino looking girl still rings my items up, i'll go there.... bare shelves and all!!! :wink:
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