Help me pick my next tow vehicle

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Help me pick my next tow vehicle

Postby NG » Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:00 am

Plan on getting a used, new to me, tow vehicle. Trying to decide between a 06/07 Sequoia or 07/08 Tahoe, which you would choose and why? This car will tow a 20' Ranger boat and my wife will also use for the kid's soccer team events. Looking for a reliable tow vehicle, as my current one has left me on the side of the road too often. Can't afford new, so looking for used in 20-25K range. Thanks.

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Re: Help me pick my next tow vehicle

Postby b2customrods » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:20 am

Do not get a 1500 series or 1/2 ton. Make sure you get a 2500 series or 3/4 ton. The transmission in the GM 1/2 tons is the 4L60E and is junk. I am currently having my second rebuilt as I type this. If you dont mind the gas mileage see if you can find a 6.0L. If you dont need it stay away from the 4X4's. It adds weight and decreases HP to the rear wheels.

Now if you really want a good tow vehicle, look for a 2500HD or a F250 with a diesel. Unfortunately they come in only pickups. If you get a crew cab that may suit your needs. I saw a 2wd Ford Excursion (Ford Suburban style truck) with a diesel in great shape for like 20K I think it was a 7.3L

The ultimate would be a Suburban or Yukon XL 1500 with the 4.5L diesel. GM and Ford were planning on producing the small Diesel for there 1/2 ton vehicles but put it on the back burner when the economy tanked.

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