If the President decides to take power .

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If the President decides to take power .

Postby Rod Martin » Sat May 18, 2013 8:40 am

How do you stop him?

One day he wakes up , says I think I will do everything through Executive power from now on. I have my yes people and I have my followers, that I can hide behind.

What happens ? Congress has hearings, but he ignord them and keeps on doing what hes doing.

If you wind it through the courts it takes years and there is no way to tell if it could be reversed after it got that far.(unless it could be held up pending the courts) and to do that you would have to have permission from him.

If you take up arms ,you are the tratior

and with the poor having cell phones, food stamps , gov. handouts.We have the richest poor in the world, it would be up to the middle class

So what would happen ?
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