New 2015 Shimano Zodias Rods

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New 2015 Shimano Zodias Rods

Postby bantam1 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:20 pm


Zodias is built with the purpose to give you, the angler, a crisp and responsive rod that delivers incredible casting distance and accuracy. Utilizing our Shimano Hi-Power X construction, we are able to significantly reduce blank twist, allowing you to efficiently and easily transfer more energy through the rod. But we didn't stop with casting distance and accuracy. The crisp, lightweight blank delivers every tick and vibration down through the custom CI4+ reel seat. These rods are designed, developed and manufactured by Shimano to provide you with a versatile line up. Tested and punished on waters across North America, these rods definitely are not one trick ponies. They have proven to be the most versatile series Shimano has ever created, as each model is proficient across a wide range of techniques. If you are looking for a rod that delivers exceptional casting distance and accuracy across multiple techniques, then Zodias is the rod series for you.

Hi Power X construction

Shimano’s Hi Power X construction adds special layers of carbon tape to 90 and zero degree high carbon sheet. This eliminates the twist in the rod blank and transfers more energy to the cast. This process also eliminates weight from the rod over normal rod blank designs. Unlike other rods with this construction type, our version is wrapped all the way to the tip of the rod. This is a difficult process that most manufacturers do not use.

CI4+ Reel Seat

Shimano’s exclusive reel seat is built with our CI4+ material. This allows for a lightweight and rigid reel seat that is ergonomic and increases sensitivity in the user’s hands.

Fuji Alconite and SIC guide train

The new Zodias rods use Fuji Alconite running guides with a Fuji SIC tip. The tip sees the most abuse and transmits the most feel. This is why we selected SIC for the tip top guides.

The Zodias rods are available in 6 casting and 5 spinning models.

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