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What do you think?

Postby ketchenbass321 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:06 pm

This morning, I was supposed to drop my boat off at C&C Modesto for trailer repairs and engine service. I pulled up to my storage unit, heard two people in my unit so I opened it up. Upon doing so, I could hear them making their escape into the next unit. While doing so, they tried to pull one of my spinning rods along with them. All I could see was the last part of his feet sliding across on top and my rod.

They got into my unit by squeezing in-between a steel beam and the foam-type ceiling on the sides of my unit (every unit has this spacing). It's approximately 1.5-2ft clearance. Anyhow, I ran out of my unit, got in my SUV and called the cops. I backed away slowly just to see if they would come out (only one way in and out). They remained in there. Right after I called, 10 cop cars showed up with a K-9. They got the lady, but the male still remained in hiding somewhere. They looked and looked, but gave up. Cannot understand how he escaped. I explained that he might be in other units, but they refused to search. After 4 hours, they all left and they released the lady. They released her because they said I could not fully identify her physically being in my unit. And that all I saw was the males feet. As well, that they didn't have any of my belongings in their possession (in their unit).

Well, I have about $6-7K worth of items missing. Manager of the facility assumes they were there all night rummaging through my stuff. Where my items are is a mystery. The guy is most likely escaped by going through multiple units. I asked the police time and time again to search each unit. They refused. Gave me a police report and they were on their way. Explained, the lady will be listed as a suspect, but they couldn't take here to jail. Police report will be handed to the District Attorney and judge (I don't think it'll do any good). Unbelievable!!!

Then manager explained that she has had problems with these tenants before. Known drug abusers. BUT, the police did not take that into consideration. The most likely scenario will be: Nothing will be done. These people will continue to steal and get away with it. Police report will be just another thing to file away.

My question to you is: How do you release someone who was obviously stealing from my unit??? One of my rods is half in their unit and mine. Is that NOT enough evidence???

Just had to vent this one. The law seems to favor criminals far too often. SMH!!!

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